Garlic O’Plenty | A Quick Guide to Garlic for the Garden

Garden Variety

garlic-2390990_960_720Hardneck Garlic – (Allium sativum ophioscorodon)

Harneck garlic is one of two categories of garlic (the other is softneck) and is recommended for northern climates due to its need for a long dormant period, which ensures hardy bulbs and better flavor. The bulbs of hardneck garlic generally produce 4-12 cloves in beautiful, rosy hues. Hardneck garlic’s flavor ranges from potent to complex. The bulbs produce long, green stalks known as scapes during the spring and the scapes, which should be removed to promote vigorous bulb growth. Garlic scapes can be used in cooking and are perfect for game meat, vinaigrette and intense infused oils.

Each garlic category has separate varieties. The varieties of hardnecks are Purple Stripe (Marbled and Glazed Purple Strip), Porcelain and Rocambole.

Purple Stripe  (Recommended types)

Persian Star- known for their beautiful white paper skins and purple tipped cloves (8-10). The cloves are mild with a gentle…

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