Five Shrubs For Your Winter Garden

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(Photo by

For gardeners like me who live in a cold climate, the thought of the upcoming winter season can feel you with apprehension or dread. Winters here in New York state are brutal and long. The snow-covered landscape is barren and devoid of color. However, with prudent planing, your garden can provide an abundance visual appeal in winter for both you and wildlife.

Here are a few shrubs that I highly recommend for the winter garden

(Photos provided by Julie Makin, and Kathy Zuzek, UMN Extension)

Common Serviceberry (Amelanchier arborea): Hardy in zones 4 to 9, the berries of the shrub change from red to blackish-purple in late summer. The berries are a viable food source wildlife and are also safe for human consumption (used in pies, jellies and jams). The leave range from gold, orange or red during fall, providing a spectacular visual show…

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