Edible Container Gardening | Growing Vegetables in Pots

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I am questioned often by my urban neighbors about how I manage to grow large amounts of produce each year, considering the size my almost non-existent yard. My usual response, is quite simple: container gardening. You can grow edibles in small spaces and even indoors. The success of growing healthy and productive plants is knowing the precise conditions they need and utilizing it.

Edible can be grown in almost any container from beautiful and clay pots to practical and inexpensive 3-5 gallon plastic buckets. The key to success container growing is proper drainage, a good quality growing medium and choosing the correct sizes of the containers which best suit the plants you will be growing. For example, tomatoes, summer squash, peppers and cucumbers need much larger containers — at least 24 inches wide and deep enough to allow their vigorous root systems to grow and allow room for supports or…

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