Garden Treasures


Good afternoon garden friends. I am so excited. I spoke with a good friend of mine yesterday and she mentioned something that caught my attention. She has been drying and saving various flowers and foliage this year to create garden crafts for the holidays. One craft in particular was making garden potpourri. I really want to make my own but I will have to plan on adding more flowering plants to my garden next year. What can I say? I love growing food and my current garden reflects it.

In the meantime, I will be heading over to her home this weekend to pick flowers with her so I can experiment at home. Did I mention she has a huge cutting garden? Oh yes, it is massive. It is a hobby of hers. She loves flower arranging and her home is always full of interesting and beautiful arrangements. Please wish me luck with this experiment, I am going to need it!

A few flower recommendations for creating your own potpourri:

Rudbeckia                                                                     Sunflowers

Roses                                                                             Scented Salvia

Lavender                                                                       Scented Geraniums






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  1. Susanne says:

    Have fun. Sounds like a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.


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