Little Fingers: Children In The Garden

Garden Variety


Spring has finally arrived and the long awaited anticipation of heading outdoors to start gardening has come to an end. All gardeners, both old and young, are currently jump-starting what they hope to be a bountiful, fun and educational garden experience in the seasons to come.

Each year, more children are experiencing the joys of garden for the first time. After all, growing our produce has become is an important part of safely and economically insuring freshly grown food is available to everyone. Schools, community gardens, urban farms play an integral part of having access to fresh, affordable seasonal produce. In many cases, growing food has become a part of the curriculum in many school and educational programs across the country (and the world) and  children actually love it! Fresh air and exercise in the form of gardening is a plus, in addition to maintaining the legacy of enjoying and…

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