Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space with a White or Moonlight Garden

Garden Variety


As a garden designer and enthusiast,  it has a long standing dream to create my very own white/moonlight garden featuring a few garden favorites such as jasmine, camellia, gardenia and roses. I envisioned walking through the garden at midnight and feeling dewy grass underneath my bare feet. During the stroll, I am inhaling the heady, flowery scents from of plump, white blossoms growing contently on various shrubs, flowers and trees. The sound of gurgling water entices me to explore the garden’s pond to watch the water streaming from the pond’s magnificent fountain. In the moonlight, I see several frogs and toads sitting contently on large water lily pads eagerly anticipating the presence of water bugs. The moonlight reflects various shades of white, green and silver foliage against the water further enhancing nature’s lovely display. Sounds enticing doesn’t it?


(My version of an all white garden including a variety of white…

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