My Love Affair with Tomatoes….

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As the end of summer approaches and the first frost looms not far behind, I usually began to get a bit anxious about harvesting and preserving my summer vegetables. In particular, homegrown, ripe tomatoes. I truly love tomatoes and have been known to hoard as many as possible for preserving to enjoy a taste of summer during the brutal winter months.

Every year, I grow an abundance of tomato varieties from seeds started indoors then hardened and transplanted outside after the last frost. In my area, USDA Zone 6B, I keep them protected with homemade cloches until the outdoor temperatures are warm and steady. As the plants grow, I typically pinch of the suckers and create new seedlings by placing the cuttings in a shady, moist area of my garden I generally use for outdoor propagation. The cuttings usually take root after a couple of weeks and then I plant…

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  1. Helen says:

    I’ve just written a similar post about tomatoes, it being that time of the year!

    At first, my reaction to your hanging whole plants up to let the tomatoes ripe was ‘I can’t do it’. But then I remembered that I now have a shed, so I might be able to sort something out 😄.

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