Five Common Edible Flowers In The Home Garden

Garden Variety


Did you know, there are edible flowers in most home gardens? Many gardeners grow plants for visual appeal and for their fruit, but many flowers also offer the same taste as their hosts.

centaurea-cyanus-855443_960_720.jpgBachelors Button / Cornflower – (Centaurea cynaus)

Bachelor button flowers have a sweet to clove-like, spicy flavor and are a great addition to any fresh garden salad or as a colorful garnish.

pansy-327188_960_720Pansy  (Viola X wittrockiana)

Pansy flowers are most noted for their abundance of beautiful, vibrant colors. The flowers have a mildly sweet grass-like flavor and are excellent accompaniments to salads, desserts and sprinkled on top of soups. They can, of course, also be used as a garnish.

impatiens-1239886_960_720Impatiens  (Impatiens wallerana)

Impatiens are favorites for any home garden and come in an array of lovely colors. The flowers offer a sweet flavor and can be added as a garnish to desserts, salads and drinks.

marigold-1707501_960_720Signet Marigold…

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  1. I only recently learned that some flowers are edible. Now, If I could just get some to grow around my vegetable garden…. I’m going to have to do some research and figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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