Five Notable Organic Gardening Methods

Garden Variety


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Keyhole Gardening was introduced in Africa by the Consortium for Southern Africa Food Security Emergency (C-SAFE) to help ailing and frail Africans grow their own produce with minimum effort by means of a specialized raised bed. The bed, which is waist high and in the shape of a keyhole, allows for standing and leaning for long periods and is built using stacked rocks, bricks, wood or pieces of concrete. A compost bin is placed in the center of the bed and as material breaks down, the resulting composted nutrients are added to the soil. The gardening principle is to grow produce with little water on top of a bed of compost which provides a steady supply of nutrients to the plants.


Photo: Via Pinterest

Hügelkultur (a German word for hill mound) is a growing method that is believed to have originated from Eastern Europe thousands of years…

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