December Update


Greetings my gardening friends. I hope you are well and your enjoyed your Thanksgiving holidays for those of us who reside in the US. I have been away from my blog for a little while preparing for the holidays.  I received my first seed catalog today and I am sure more will follow, but just seeing the tomatoes on the cover of this catalog, truly brightened my day. Absolutely beautiful!

My gosh, can you believe Christmas is less than three weeks away? Don’t forget, if you want a unique gift for a friend or family member, I am offering a buy two get one free deal on my seed planting tool, the Garda Dibble., which was featured in HGTV Garden’s gift guide last year. Also, I will be hosting several giveaways sometime next month featuring the tool, garden crafts and a raffle for a customized garden design by Anna’s Garden Design. Stay tuned and enjoy your holidays everyone. Thanks!




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  1. Kalamain says:

    I got my spring seed catalogue about a month ago and so far I have managed to avoid it… Although I did buy a couple of plants.

    So far I am going to be able to use what I have left over from last year.

    That dibber does look nifty, BTW.

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    1. I tried so very hard to avoid looking in it. The temptation won LOL. Thank you, it is a little red marvel!

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  2. I finally got a seed catalog last week. I was so excited, and can’t wait until the next ones come in. I hope you have a wonderful New Year, my friend!! Happy growing!

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  3. barbwit says:

    I love looking through the catalogs; such wonderful pictures and sometimes an astonishing new veg or fruit – white, pineapple flavored strawberries! But I will be away too much to plant this year.

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