Saving My Daisies


I collected a few dried seed heads from my shasta daisy plants and will be saving the seeds. It is remarkable how many seeds you can collect from a single spent flower! Have a great week everyone and happy gardening!


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  1. Maybe you’d be interested in trading seeds? I have beautiful lupine seeds that are ready to collect. And… really appreciate the support you’ve showed my blog. As a new blogger, just finding her voice, it means a lot!! ❤️

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    1. You are certainly welcome and yes, that would be a great idea!


  2. Pamela Thedos says:

    That’s amazing! I was deadheading my marigolds the other day, wondering if I could save the seeds.

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    1. Oh yes! Marigold have dozens of seeds in a single flower!

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      1. Pamela Thedos says:

        Would I wait until they’re really dry before removing the seeds? What about storage?

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      2. Yes, they need to be completely dried. I store my seeds in a dry, airtight container in a cool location.

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      3. Pamela Thedos says:

        I’m excited to try it! Thank you!

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      4. Pamela Thedos says:

        Thanks for your guidance! I pulled some dead marigold heads off again yesterday and will let them sit to dry out.


  3. That is a lot! I only had five flowers on my shastas, but they were only started last year so just getting established 🙂

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  4. nannygrannie says:

    I hope to do the same with my calendulas! I’d love to trade seeds if you’re interested. Not that calendulas are all that interesting 😄

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