Blooming In The Garden…

Greetings my gardening friends. I wanted to share pictures of a few plants I have blooming in my garden. The first, is a dwarf azalea given to me years ago as a birthday gift. I am going to collect seeds from the plants this year. DSC_0002

The second is some sort of honeysuckle. It was on the property when the house was purchased and grows strong every year.


The final little beauty is a volunteer plant I assume is a Sweet William. It popped up in a patch of unused space. I let it grow and I plan on collecting the seeds from spent blossoms.



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  1. Impatient1 says:

    I bet the Honeysuckle smells fantastic when in full bloom! I collected seeds from my Black-eyed Susan last year so I could plant more this year, but so far the seeds haven’t germinated. Not sure what I did wrong.


    1. Thank you so much. How long has it been since you planted them?


      1. Wanda says:

        I collected them last year (015) and planted them in April (016), so its been a little over a month.


      2. I see…very curious indeed. I truly hope they germinate for you.


  2. So pretty, isn’t a blooming garden a source of joy?

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    1. Yes, it truly is… 🙂


  3. Helen says:

    All beautiful!

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